Attain the Perfect Figure



For a normal being, to maintain an already attained figure is one man’s joyous task. Getting the same hourglass figure is now a burden to undertake as it comes along after a correct blend of body exercises, quality and quantity of diet and clothes to sharpen your figure from East Ham escorts from If one will gather a group of ladies or women and inquire from them whether they need a curvaceous body, the response will always be a screaming “yes” in unison. Well, one cannot attain the hourglass figure without sacrificing his or her health. The following ways makes one to realize the perfect figure;


For arms and shoulders, one must begin with military press so as to increase the endurance of muscles according to East Ham escorts. For shoulders one will do front, lateral and reverse dumbbell raises. Upper arm will be triceps push up, chair dip and bicep curls. Forearm will be wrist extensions, wrist curl and forearm twists.

For legs and thighs, squats and lunges will be the most appropriate as it will take care of gluts muscles especially when one does the hip thrusts. Apart from that, leg lifts and extension will still work.

For perfect waists, one should do both regular and reverse crunches as well as stretching the oblique muscles using dumbbells. Pilates will also take care of the core.

For toned back, one should work on trapezius by doing shrugs using dumbbells. Also take care posterior deltoids by practicing cable row and also for the lower back, try pull-ups, dead lifts and chin-ups.

For well-defined blossoms, perform bench press, push-ups and dumbbells and this will take care of perfect and well-defined blossom.


Exercises alone are not much sufficient to chisel one’s body and thus a proper diet will escort you towards an hourglass figure. One can check on the nutritionist or a dietician for better combination in order to boost the diet. The following variations will contribute the best diet depending on one’s body type and also metabolism rate;

– One should eat six small kind of meals daily, that is, large breakfast, average lunch and small dinner but the three meals should be interspersed with healthy snacks.

– One should make sure that he or she has a daily fiber dose by taking a handful of nuts every day.

– Balanced diet of protein, carbs and fats should be maintained. One should eat protein-rich food like lean meat and also eggs without yolk, whole grains, variety of fruits and vegetables and also dairy products with low fat content.

– Due to strenuous exercise, one should drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

– Avoid deeply fried meals, excess sugar, sodas, artificial sweetness and saturated fats.

– Make sure to snub the cravings of junk food as they have no nutritive importance but instead adds a lot of fats to the body


One should wear the correct kind of clothes so as to bring out and escort the well attained figure. Several women are not always smartly dressed simply because of the body type they have in East Ham escorts. Shape-wears will downplay the troubled zones depending on your body. Also forget not to remember to wear the right bra as this escorts your outlook in terms of body shape.

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