Finally, it’s a dream come true to become a cheap London escort


Well, my only dream in life is to be able to have a better experience. Something that is more comfortable and easy to live. We all want to live a happy life, right? When we have at least one time to rest and enjoy life. But that did not happen to me, it was horrible. Indeed, a miserable life. My name is Karen, and the eldest in the family. I have four siblings, and all of them aren’t going to school. Every day in my life is hard, that feeling when you tired yourself day and night to help the family. Well, I have no right to complain, but sometimes, you feel envy on people who had a good life than you. To see people my age, still in school and just learning is painful, good for them they had a taste how fun school is, and been supported by their parent s. While me, a crew in a fast food chain and a vendor during weekends.


I lived in Chicago, even though life is hard, I continue to dream and hope that someday I can have a better life.  I believe that every day there is a miracle to happen and lots of chances. Even on sick days, I tried myself to work for my family’s needs. My parents don’t have a stable job, and they need me to help support them. Both of my parents don’t finish college, and maybe that is one reason why we encounter difficulty. I can’t afford to hurt my parents feel like saying hurtful words towards them or compared them to other parents. As long as they did not abandon us, I am okay with it. Life is beautiful when we learn to accept our situation we face though, we are lucky that we are still alive and wake up each day.


One day, my aunt Rosie came home. She lived in London for many years now. Her coming is a blessing to me; we talked a lot as we missed a lot. She brought presents to us, and we are pleased especially with my siblings. It’s their first time to have beautiful clothes and eat delicious foods. She told me about her job before that did help her a lot to raise her life. She is a cheap London escort, which is very fun and has a good wage. She told me that I am fit to become an escort and just willing to help me. She gave me time to think about it, and if I am interested, she will bring me to London.


I had one day to think about it, thought about my family and my aunt’s live today. She did uplift her life. My last wage I treated to my family since I decided to go to London. All of becoming emotional but it’s for good. I go to London, and my aunt helps me in to become a cheap London escort at right away. Its real, no pressure and stress. It’s my first time to enjoy work and meet many people that had to help me in my life. Finally, its a dream come true to become a cheap London escort


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