Should I take my girl to a sex party?

I love going to sex parties in London, and sometimes I hang out with a couple of sexy girls who also enjoy sex parties. The girls actually work for an escort service in London called Aperfield escorts, and they are great to spend time with. However, they are so busy with their professional lives, that they don’t always get the time to go to sex parties in London. I have been trying to hook up with a girlfriend, and now I think that I have finally met a girl that I really like.

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However, I am not sure the girl that I am with at the moment is into sex parties. I have talked to the girls at Aperfield escorts about her, and asked them if they think I should take her to a couple of sex parties I go to in London. According to them, it is really important that I am honest with my girlfriend and tell her that I am into the London sex party scene. Knowing how I do that is not very easy, and despite the good advice from the girls at Aperfield escorts, I have not felt able to do so.

My girlfriend seems to think that I am this ordinary guy with very ordinary interests. I guess I am, but there is another side to me as well. So far, I have been comfortable sharing that side with the hot girls at Aperfield escorts, but I am not sure how I feel about sharing my more broadminded side with my girlfriend. Will she able to handle it? In the past, most of the girls I have met, seem to have been put off by my sexier side.

The kind of sex that I enjoy having at the sex parties I go to, is not weird or anything like that. Some people who go to sex parties in London, have a really weird of sex, and the girls from Aperfield escorts seem to be really far out there. To be honest, I am not sure that I would enjoy doing some of the things that they do, but each to their own. My main concern at the moment is to get my girlfriend to go to sex parties.

The problem is really how I should approach the subject. Should I just tell her that I like sex parties and would like to take her, or should I just take her to a party and see how we go. The problem with the option of just going to a sex party and hoping for the best, is that she may run a mil, and I will never see her again. As I like her in so many different ways, I would hate to lose my girlfriend. I love having fun at sex parties, but at the same time, I do not feel that my life should be all about sex parties. They have been an important part of my life, but maybe it is about time that I moved on, and found another interest in my life.

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