Tottenham escort is a cure to loneliness.

There are times in life that we have to work in ourselves in order not to lose it. Many times we feel being rejected and stumped by the world, but still, we have to keep fighting not to lose the battle. Life is hard, and it is normal. Everyone goes through difficulties; we have to survive if we want to see our happy ending.

Depression and anxiety are one of the leading cause of death nowadays. We have to care for our mental and emotional health. Some people have done suicide because of loneliness, sadness, etc. Investigations says that these people have common problems which are depression. Depression or loneliness kills, and it’s essential the existence of someone to avoid this tragedy.

Once in my life, I almost gave up when I lost the person I love the most. She is the only that made my life better and inspires me a lot. She is the reason why I work hard and save money for her chemotherapy. For me, my mother is my hero in life. Because of her, I have reach where I am now. Because of her I finally finish college and get the job I want. I became a CEO because my mother first believes in me. Before she gets sick, she works hard a lot just to raise us. We are a broken family, but my mother fills the emptiness in us.

My mother never marries again and focus herself on us. My father marries another woman and entirely left us. I see the pain in the eyes of my mother, but she keeps strong just for us. She took all the responsibilities and never heard anything from her. She never complained nor left us. She loves us more and does her best to give us a good life. Even there are times she has a fever; she still sacrifices herself in order for us to go to school.

As much as possible she never wants us to work; she wanted us to focus on our study because for her education is the only thing she can leave to us. I admired my mother’s dedication to us. I was in my fourth year when my mother hospitalized; the doctor finds out that she has a tumor on her mattress. She needs a rush operation, but we don’t have enough money at that time. I graduated, but instead of happiness, I mourned for my mother’s death. I was very lonely, every day I miss my mom. I book a Tottenham escort from to help me overcome the pain I had. Thankfully Tottenham escort did not disappoint me; she helps me throughout the process of moving on. Tottenham escort is a cure to loneliness, and I wouldn’t mind booking them again.



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