Why men love girls in nurses’s outfit.

Men love london escorts who wear a nurse uniform because it portrays the idea of a sexy nurse. This image is portrayed by professional london escorts by wearing short white dresses, small caps and white high heels. Their hair is made into bouffant hairstyle and the lips are usually pouty and brightly coloured. Men usually fantasise about a sexy nurse offering sexual favours while providing care while lying in hospital. Research shows that men mostly fantasise about women in jobs that are related in care taking services or jobs of submissive-dominant nature. The Male fantasy of an accommodating nurse is when a nurse, whose duty is to provide comfort and care, has sexual activity with the patient. A common idea asked of london escorts is the image of a dominatrix nurse. This is a fantasy that includes forceful sexual activity by a nurse on a male patient who is incapacitated. Another common fantasy that is inhibited by men is the lesbian nurse which involves two women .A woman adorned in Nurse’s uniform is reportedly the top male fantasy which makes nursing to be one of the most sexualised professions. The act of London escorts dressed as sexy nurses while attending to the man appeals to the males desire. Professional escorts in London dress up as a sexy nurse because the image appeals to the male desire. These men believe that nurses are not smart and are disposable even in the real professional setting. Objectifying the nurses discourages potential students especially men from choosing nursing as a career. The hyper sexualised idea of london escorts in a sexy uniform is responsible for low resources geared towards the nursing practice. The male fantasy of sexy nurse escorts in London show a display of dominance by the nurse. The fantasies depict a lack of male dominance due to disability or sickness. The sexy nurse idea is a stereotype which has found its way in hospitals where it is not uncommon for male patients to ask for sexual favours. The origin of the concept of a sexy nurse is probably based on the physical contact occurring within the hospital . Men are usually aroused by women who pay attention to them and administer physical contact, this usually implies that a woman is interested in them, we all know men turn into the biggest snivelling little babies with grown man hormones when they are sick. This is a common ploy that london escorts use to relay their intentions on men. In the health profession, a nurse touching a patient is normal and considered non sexual , most people also understand this but not everyone. Men who traditionally associate touch with intimacy might get the wrong impression. A woman in a sexy nurse uniform is adored by men simply because she brings to life all the male fantasies of a sexual encounter with a real accommodation, dominatrix and lesbian nurse. Escorts only wear the appropriate outfit to please their clients.

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